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Halloween Music

Top 10 Kids Halloween Music 


If you are going to organise a Halloween themed party for your little ones be sure to consider every aspect to give it the “right amount” of spooky. Recipes, games, masks but don’t forget about songs and music to make the atmosphere gloomy and fun at the same time. Here is our Top 10 Kids Halloween Music .


10. The Monster Mash


Always funny and perfect for every Halloween party baby dance. With its ageless rhythm it will bring everybody on the dance floor!


9. Ghost Buster



Another unforgettable classic! It’s also useful to calm down the more sensitive guest and entertain the lovers of the saga.


8. Alice’s Theme


From the film directed by Tim Burton, the  soundtrack of  this Gothic version of the timeless tale will give a magical touch to the atmosphere of your kids Halloween party.


7. The Addams Family



On the night of the witches a tribute to the funniest and spookiest family of the television is a must!


6. Fantasia – “The Sorcerer’s apprentice


From Disney’s masterpiece “Fantasia”, this soundtrack will brings the magic in every heart. Perfect for Halloween party with younger guests.


5. The Pumpkin Twist



Extra Fun! Everybody on the dance floor for another Halloween classic. Irresistible!


4. Thriller


And how the night could be perfect without Michael Jackson’s masterpiece? A tune able to wake the dead! Absolutely unforgettable for any Halloween party.



3. Harry Potter Theme



Ideal for the best supernatural atmosphere! It will give strong emotions to young and old.


2. Come Little Children



Straight out from “Hocus Pocus”, one of the most known Halloween’s film for children, this song is perfect to give your party a creepy note.


1. This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack)



A true classic! No Halloween can pass without the anthem of Halloween Town. Sing your voice off on this cult tune!


Still confused for Halloween Ideas ? Why not look at our  Halloween Party Food Ideas page or Halloween Party Theme Ideas. We can help!  Or Contact us for amazing Halloween Parties!






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