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Toddler Parties , Music, Bubbles And Ball Pits

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Toddler Party Ideas


Planning a toddler party takes so much careful planning, from decorations, theme, food and presents to sending out invitations, and choosing the right entertainment. When choosing entertainment for toddlers good thought needs going into the type of activities they will enjoy and understand.

Young children are in their nature explorers, they are observing all the different things around them and exploring their senses, sight, smell, touch etc. when entertaining toddlers it is important to offer a variety of games and entertainment that helps them explore their senses whilst learning and developing.

Music is a great choice, children love dancing and singing along to songs, nursery rhymes are a big hit as some of the children will have learned some songs already at nursery, sing along to the “wheels on the bus” keeping the children entertained and engaged with the actions, parents could hold their younger babies in their laps and sit in a circle whilst you sing. You could also play musical games such as “ring a round the Rosie”, and “musical bumps”, where children dance and move to the music until the music stops and they all have to sit down.

Blow Bubbles! Most children are fascinated with bubbles and love chasing and catching them, get the children to catch the bubbles on their hands and count how many they have, try to count them before they “pop!”

Ball pits and soft play, is a way of young children to experiment with their movements whilst being safe and having a ball of a time, soft play comes in many different sizes and shapes .

Story telling is another option for toddlers parties, choose short stories as they wont want to sit their for too long, and be sure to animate your story telling with expressions, voices and hand movements, get the children to say catch phrases after you like “fi fi fo fum” anything that is repeated frequently in the story you are telling.

Keep in mind that children’s attention spans vary and be prepared to move on from some planned activities sooner than anticipated.


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