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By August 16, 2013 Uncategorized 82 Comments

Why a slumber party & Some Great Slumber Party Ideas

Sleepovers. They are just amazing.

Many “grown ups” still remember their first times with sleeping bags and valiant Teddy Bears, the shivers given by scary stories and vengeful pranks and those first chats of gossips and crushes.

Every children looks forward the time when she (or he) will be invited (or host) their first sleepover. Slumber parties are naturally charming: they have the right touch of forbidden, a “certain” something cinematographically fascinating as they offer a sneak peak of teenage life.

A party is a day to remember and the perfect sleepover will be just unforgettable.


Slumber Parties For Boys & Girls

Whether you want to invite girls, boys or  both, hardly anyone will be dissatisfied.

Little boys will love one night of adventure, curled up in cosy tents and sleeping bags, watching action movies and embarking in treasure hunts armed with torches and courage.

For girls an evening filled with colourful candies, confessions, and pillow fight can’t help but be alluring. Soft pillows, frilly blankets and veil beds will make every girl feel like a princess.

For hot summer nights and the more audacious a night under the stars will be an amazing experience. Still don’t want to say no to the traditional movie? Setting up screens and projector will give to your party a very unique flavour!

Get creative on themes and decorations and your party will be will be unique and unforgettable.


 The Perfect Slumber Party Attire

Comfort first!

What better than a pyjama  to play without constraints? In addition, each guest will be able to unleash his imagination. With things like humorous pyjamas, colourful stuffed animals and silly slippers, it will certainly be fun!


Games & Entertainment

Musical chairs, karaoke, Twister, board games, the choice is pretty much infinite.

Face painting or make up, spa treatment or treasure hunts, know your kid and pick his dream entertainment.

For the youngest and for the dreamers, hiring a professional themed storyteller will make the party even more magical. Who would not want Aladdin or Sleeping Beauty as the guest of honour?



Pizza will always make everybody happy for dinner, but traditional party food will be more than welcome too. Candy and cookie bags will be the soul of the night, cute glasses (or bottles!) of milk will be perfect before sleeping time. Breakfast will be the bigger (and most original) event. Try to offer cereals and muffins, yummy pancakes and colourful jugs of juice and flavoured milk.

Just sure to know the dietary needs of your guests! No one likes belly aches (or worse) at parties.


Party Bags

Fill your party bags with phosphorescent gadgets, glowing sticks, smiling mugs, cuddly toys and fancy sleeping masks. It will keep the fun going even with the lights out and will keep every Boogeymen away!  Click here to buy our party bags


Still unsure? Contact us on 0207 183 8837 We will be happy to help you to plan the perfect Slumber Party or Children’s Entertainment!




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