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Micky Mouse Childrens Party Decorations

By July 12, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

Micky Mouse Childrens Party Decorations In Croydon, London 6th July 2013


The client gave our company a brief my child is 1 and I want you to decorate the hall in Croydon in micky mouse childrens party decorations. That was all the information that I got as well as a budget! The first thing I had to do was choose red or pink Minnie mouse, everyone says the pink Minnie mouse is the new more fashionable one but I went for the old classic red bow Minnie! Once chosen we chose 3 colours which were red, yellow and black with a little touch of white in the details.


The client wanted the childs name in foil balloons so my team and I decided to put it in an single arch, we chose the spotted red balloons, spotted black balloons and plain yellow and plain red with red foil letters spelling out the childs name. For the 14 trestle tables we chose 5 table balloon bouquet’s we covered the tables in alternate colour table cloths red, yellow and black and we used white for the cake table. Unfortunately finding a mickey and Minnie bouncy castle was the hardest part most of the ones we found were already booked out however we found one with the right colours that went with the theme.

The balloon Decorations was a huge success everyone loved the Micky Mouse Childrens Party Decorations. Contact Hooray Entertainment or visit our pintrest account for pictures!

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