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Halloween Party food

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Good presentation is always essential for success. In particular for  kids Halloween party food!

Abound with Halloween themed plates, trays, cups, bowls and napkins, decorated with drawings of ghosts, black cats, bats, monsters and other scary things .

A jar full of eye-shaped candies  will not pass unobserved. Infest your cakes with gummy worms and  sugar slugs for an extra creepy effect.

A chocolate fountain for dipping your favourite sugary ghost will give that extra edge to your Halloween party!


Halloween Party Drinks

Offer tomato, grapefruit or strawberry juice in see-trough glasses and pink lemonade in laboratory vials. For a special thrill, put a drop of food colouring in your ice cubes. It will give you real chills!


Halloween Cakes & Cupcakes

Have fun!  Be it with the more traditional pumpkin pie or with the more imaginative cupcake frosting, take up the challenge! Spiders, ghosts, greenish or reddish frosting adorned with tiny eyes and other  disturbing details will intrigue, disturb and frighten at the same time. Plus, they are easy customisable for every themed Halloween party!


Trick Or Treat ?

Don’t forget the candies! The Halloween tradition call for guising children, passing door to door asking for goodies and threatening jokes more or less unpleasant . Be prepared to cope with tradition ( and the possible needs of the “trick or treaters” ) with pumpkins and  jars filled with colourful jelly beans from the creepiest shaped candies.


Caramelised Apples


The caramelised apples are one of the most classic Halloween recipes . Born in America more than a century ago, thanks to an experiment done by William W. Kolb, a candy maker in search of new Christmas recipes made ​​with red caramel.

His  idea was a great success for deliciously obvious reasons.. Over time caramelised apples have become one of the traditional Halloween sweets, because the celebration falls in the same period of the apple harvest. A tray of caramelised apples will give a touch of atmosphere to your party, tickle the imagination and make your kids Halloween party perfect !


Cookie Monsters

Big, small, stuffed , coloured … let gluttony and imagination lead you trough the choices! Whether tomb, bone or ghost shaped, cookies will bring delight to young and old.

Pumpkin  cookies are  part of Halloween’s culinary tradition and are prepared with the celebration’s symbolic vegetable: the pumpkin. A delicious and soft pumpkin stuffing enclosed between two disks of decorated pastry will tickle mouth and eyes.

And for the most imaginative, why not welcoming your guests with a tray full of…dentures ?

Don’t worry, it’s totally hygienic. Two pink biscuits filled with marshmallow teeth will bring the fun on the floor and on the table!

Still unsure?

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