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A Fantastic Honour…

By December 17, 2010 Uncategorized One Comment

Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Christmas Party

It was a fantastic honour for Hooray Entertainment to represent and entertain the children at this years Great Ormond Street Hospital’s children’s party, both days had a fantastic turn out, celebrities like The Wanted, Paige from X Factor, girl band Wonderland, Michele from Destiny’s Child, Holly Oakes stars, the cast of Mama Mia teaching us a dance routine and of course Father Christmas himself made the day very special.

Great Ormond Street Hospital did such a great job in organizing such an amazing event, with party bags galore filled with lovely toys and books, the queue for teddy bears from Harrods was always long! Chocolate money and free coffee for the parents from Prett a Manger so many people pulled together to put a smile on those little girls and boys faces!

It was a pleasure seeing those children of Great Ormond Street Hospital and seeing how happy they are in spite of everything they are faced with. GOSH other wise known as Great Ormond Street Hospital is close to our hearts and we will continue to to support Great Ormond Street in the coming years.

Hooray Entertainment will be happy to lend a hand at Great Ormond Street Hospital next year!!

The girls from Wonderland hanging out with the staff at GOSH

One Comment

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