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Childrens Entertainment & 3D Printers

By July 12, 2013 Uncategorized One Comment

Childrens Entertainment & 3D Printers

Hearing about the new 3d printers for use in childrens entertainment is really exciting as an childrens entertainer.  I am thinking about all the things that could be possible to do, all the personalised things I could make that could maybe save money, but is it really cost effective?

Maplins are now selling this to consumers for £700 but what else do you need to buy and how do you maintain this type of machine and how useable are the things really that you can make in this type of machine?

Being a children’s party planner for kids parties in London I am always trying to push the envelope and finding new things to enhance what I do, and after listening and reading a few reviews on 3D printers I think this would be a great addition if all the reviews are right.

Think about it, you could make your own toys for pass the parcel and for goodie bags, you could make great center pieces for tables you could be so creative and allow your imagination to run wild without having to search the internet or visit stores you just make them!


Replicating you favorite toy action hero’s or your favorite cartoon characters to give out to your guest personalising them, you can also do quirky invitations to invite your guest use items to decorate you themed party, oh what fun! I am not sure yet about the implications of copyright and how that will affect what you should and should not print but I am excited for the future of this 3D printer and what we are going to come up with next!

One thing that the 3D printer cannot make a replica of just yet is a great children’s entertainer, thank goodness!

One Comment

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