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Should all entertainers have a CRB/ DBS check…

By June 17, 2013 Uncategorized 95 Comments

Childrens Entertainer CRB/ DBS Check


CRB checks are now known as DBS checks, these are becoming more difficult for an independent children’s entertainer to obtain, these checks are normally awarded to companies that employ people to look after the vulnerable on their own ie children or the elderly and these companies need to do at least 1000 checks a year.


In the eyes of the government a children’s entertainer is not suppose to be left alone totally with children, and entertainment companies don’t really hire 1000 entertainers in one year so how do we get that piece of paper to assure moms and dads that their little ones are not at risk when hiring a children’s entertainer.


There are now umbrella bodies, which are companies who maybe don’t have enough people to CRB check a year so they fill the quota by accepting companies like children entertainment companies and does the CRB/DBS check on their behalf.  Even these companies are now becoming extinct as the company that I originally use to use does not do it anymore because the company did not fill the quota of 1000 a year.


The children’s entertainment business is a growing business and parents rely on these companies to support them in planning and executing a successful birthday party or even entertain children at weddings, communions and all events involving children so why is having a CRB such a difficult process for children’s entertainers to apply for!


Children’s Entertainment companies such as Hooray Entertainment have worked with CRB/DBS umbrella bodies for 5years and luckily all of their entertainers are CRB checked and all paper work is up to date, I just hope that we can find an easier way of getting these checks done so Parents can be secure and confident when hiring a children’s entertainer.


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