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Childrens Entertainer And Tips for Large Parties

By July 12, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

Childrens Entertainers And Tips for Large Parties

This weekend’s kids parties were a lot of fun, we had Jonny our male childrens entertainer do a 3 hour party for a 1st birthday party, it was for a large family and there were over 40 kids there even though we were told 30!  Our children’s entertainer did a great job however 40 kids is a large party for one entertainer and it is advised to hire 2 entertainers should you have such a large group of children.

Entertaining a large group of kids is fun as you can do competitions which always seem to go down really well, split the group in 2’s or 3’s or boys against girls and why not use really strong bin bags and do sack races, a rope for tug of war games and blow balloons and bring spoons for a balloon and spoon race. Children’s entertainment for large parties needs to be organized so the children stay entertained.  Most Children entertainment companies offer face painting as part of the 2 hour package, having a large group of kids with one kids entertainer is sometimes not the best idea to do a full face paint so why not opt for glitter tattoos or just plain tattoos they are fun and saves a lot of entertaining time!


Overall when hiring a childrens entertainer it is to make sure that the kids have fun and create a memorable day for all, for more information on childrens entertainers for large parties please contact or call us on 0207 183 8837


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