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Pre teen’s children’s birthday party themes

By June 17, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments

Birthday Party Themes

It is easier to plan a birthday party theme for your little one when they are into princess’s or super hero’s and Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbelle, but when they get to that age where they are slowly growing out of that style of party and they want to have a party what do you do!


Well I spoke to a mom this morning at the Marriot Hotel in Swiss Cottage where Hooray Entertainment provides a balloon modeling service for children there at the hotel she took her 11 year old daughter with 8 of her friends to celebrate her birthday, they took advantage of the luxury surrounding had a little disco in their hotel room, went out in London and had a great time, came back to the hotel for dinner with kiddy champagne and after wearing themselves out they went to sleep! Now not everyone can afford the Marriot but there are other ideas that would be great for that in-between stage.


Roller skating parties

Bowling parties

Mini discos with Dj

Swimming parties

American diner parties

Fun parks

Go Karting parties

Make over and pamper parties

Karaoke parties

Dance routine parties

Harry Potter world

Limo parties


All these birthday party themes can be done in a very bespoke way to tailor for each child’s wants and desires to find out more about these ideas contact Shernette May on 0207 183 8837.


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