Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mascot Hire


Simply select your child’s age, the duration of the Mickey and Mini Mouse lookalike combo appearance along with the date, time and location.


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Our Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mascot hire is a great choice to join in on the party fun. Coming all the way from Disneyland to visit the birthday boy or girl on their special day and take lots of pictures with everyone at the party.
Mickey mouse club house music and games all the prizes will be related to the theme, follow Mickey on the disney train at each stop we will visit the jiggle house where we do the jiggle dance,  back on the train at the next stop we will come to the bubble house where we have to pop as many bubbles as possible, on the next stop we enter the magic house where all the magic takes place what will be next on the Mickey disney train?? Find out and book now.