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Children At Weddings

Childrens Wedding Entertainment

Providing childrens wedding entertainment  and just having children at weddings can sometimes be a complicated decision, we all know kids get bored and we don’t want them running around while a really important moment is going on in our wedding reception.

At Hooray Entertainment we have many different options of childrens wedding entertainment to occupy the children and keep them totally engaged while the adults enjoy the wedding to it’s full capacity.

We do recommend having a separate room for children at weddings and that way we can set up all the right elements for them and it also gives them a place to come to when they get bored.

We don’t want the area to be bland so if it is a wedding don’t forget to decorate the room they will be in so the children at weddings do not feel as if they are not as thought about as the other guests!

For options on what to do for children at weddings please contact us on 0207 183 8837 or visit