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Halloween Party Theme Ideas

By October 5, 2013 Halloween 45 Comments


Witch & Wizards halloween party theme

Giving a theme to your kids Halloween party is a fun and interesting way to challenge and involve your guests. What about a Witch&Wizards Halloween party? It may sound traditional, but it’s a theme full of space left for the imagination!

Halloween Costumes

A Halloween party theme may sounds quite restrictive at a first glance but it’s actually  a challenge to look for exciting variations on the theme. Indeed, there isn’t a witch like the other! Whether inspired by books, fables or straight from your guest’s imagination, you  will be able to  sport a group of pure elite guests. The Wicked Witch of the East, Merlin, Maleficent, Hansel&Gretel’s witch, Hogwarts pupils or your friendly neighbourhood witch, the  possibilities are  various and thrilling. And of course, how to forget the faithful helpers?  Open  the doors for tender black cats, wild wolves and disturbing bats.

Halloween Invitations ideas

Send out ancient scrolls, fake books  of potions or spells, plastic cauldrons, better if accompanied by a  funny and creepy rhyme (oops, spell) to  summon the guest of choice. Attach to the halloween invitations a little treat, like a small witch hat or a broom -shaped lollipop.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Creating the perfect haunted house will be delightful for children and adults. Populate your walls with blacks cats and owls, rocking chairs and ruffled brooms. Witches are not famous for their cleanliness, so feel free to abound  with spiders and  hanging cobwebs. And it’s known, Witches don’t like having skeletons in the closet, they are much more useful (and decorative) laying around their houses.

Arrange pumpkins and candles in the corners, leave around old armchairs and round tea table draped with themed linens (witches  love to sip their potions in front of the fireplace!) For more information on Halloween party decoration click here

Halloween Food and Treats

To create the perfect buffet just think witchy. Leave around bubbling pots overflowing with colourful candies and offer soft drink in vial-shaped cups. A tray full of caramelised apples won’t fail to impress, and don’t forget jars full of chocolate resembling your favourite potion’s ingredients.

Halloween Entertainment

Even if not all witches are bad ,not inviting them to your party could lead to not-so-welcome consequences. And it’s common knowledge, a Witch could be the life of your party. Hire an entertainer for your party to take up the cloak of a Witch. Your little guests will be captivated by the narration of stories of mystery and  magic, spooky anecdotes and forgotten legends. Fill your halloween party with traditional games such as Bob for Apples, the Ingredient Hunt ( a treasure hunt with a creepy twist) and the Midnight Dance, a special selection of spectral tones and funky moves.

Halloween Party bags

For a fantastic finale, thank your guests with an amazing personalised Halloween party bag! Fill them with themed items, like cone hats, little brooms, illustrated spell books and (spooky) cuddly toys.

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