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Halloween party ideas

By October 5, 2013 Halloween 4 Comments


My first Halloween!

Halloween party ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

Halloween is an amazing festivity to experiment with make up and fancy costumes, get some extra sweet under the teeth and indulge with the thrill of spookiness. But what to do when your little one is, well, too little? There is  the risk not only to scare the kid , but also to nourish in them the fear of the dark or the conviction of the existence of monsters and zombies. Not the best thing if you are looking forward to peaceful nights. Is it still possible to hold a Halloween party with such a small child? Of course! Don’t forget that Halloween is not only scary and gloomy, but has also a fun and ironic side!

Here a list of tips for a toddler-friendly kids Halloween Party.

Halloween Decorations

A bit of atmosphere is good, but for a young child cut off heads and massive spiders could be extremely upsetting. Trying to concentrate to the cute side of the Halloween party. Decorate the room with  cheery spiders, smiling ghost, happy jack-o’-lanterns. Mix and match with the colours, if black and orange seems to gloomy try with an original and eerie purple and green combination or a yellow and orange variation. Put up tons of balloons, kids will love chasing them around the room! 

Halloween Costumes

The funniest part of every kids Halloween party.  It doesn’t have to be scary, in the kingdom of  childhood the cuteness is the Queen! Green light for cute pumpkin-shaped hats, baby vampires, playful ghosts and charming little witches. There is no need to overdo it, the right accessories will give be sweet and amusing without being overbearing. Experiment with funny pacifier, fluffy tails, lovely wings and soft hats.
It will be the perfect occasion for having a set of professional photograph taken, for the delight of the guest now and in the future!

Theme It Up

Involve your favourite hero for a sweet Halloween party for kids of every age! Even the youngest will enjoy a party inspired to Frankie Weenie, Casper or The Little Vampire. This will help give your party a festive look while keeping the atmosphere from being too “spooky” for the little ones. For more ideas see our halloween themed parties blog.

Treats (but no tricks!)

No need for complicated cakes or un-chewable  food. Why not consider a Halloween variation of the classic Milk&Cookies party theme?
What you need? Lots of cookies in interesting shapes, possibly pumpkin flavoured or covered with ghostly icing, cauldrons of cereals and lot of milk to put into jars decorated with Halloween themed straws.

Halloween Invitations

Involve your little one! You can try to experiment with finger paint or realising lovely handprint patterns with the traditional colours.
Try to dress up your toddler and to take a cute picture to attach to the invitation: no one will be able to resist such a cuteness overload!

Halloween Activities

Try with a themed baby dance. Adults and children will love to bounce around on the tune of the most loved Halloween songs. For the best Halloween party entertainment try to organize a Special Halloween Rhyme Time, even better with a dressed up entertainer. The children will be delighted, calm and still enjoying the Halloween mood!

Still confused for Halloween Ideas ? Why not look at our  Halloween Party Food Ideas page or Halloween Party Theme Ideas. We can help!  Or Contact us for amazing Halloween Parties!





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