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5 ways to entertain children when it rains

Kids Activities London


Here are some of our kids activities for when it rains in London, for more information on any of the activities of to book a childrens entertainer please call us on 0207 183 8837 or click here


1. Rain Walks to entertain children when it rains

Putting on those wellingtons and raincoats and going outside when it’s raining is actually great fun! You can splash in the puddles, try to drink water from the rain and the wetter you get the more fun it will be! No really it is! Drop me a comment if you have tried this, I would love to hear your experiences.

2. Theatre Afternoons to entertain children when it rains

You can spend the morning creating costumes out of old clothes and sheets and coming up with a story using your imagination so you can create your own play for the afternoon, why not buy some popcorn and chips and invite friends and neighbours to come over and watch!

3. Arts and Crafts to entertain children when it rains

Kids love painting and making things and it is no surprise this has made the list, Keeping your old cereal boxes and shoe boxes really does come in handy on those rainy days, you simply cut, glue and paint to create your dream house in cardboard!

4. Making Pizza to entertain children when it rains

Not only is this great for dinner it also keeps the kids busy and active and enjoying their time at home! Allow them to make up their own toppings put things on that you would not normally try on your pizza give the children free reign (within reasong) to create!

5 Family band to entertain children when it rains

As a family learn a song that you all like and then choose who is going to do what in your band, choose a drummer, guitarist, bass player and singer then use your house hold items to turn into instruments, after practising then play all together and record it on your phone and play it back! Although it never sounds like the original it is great fun and a great family activity.