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Childrens Chair Covers Make Such A Difference!

Childrens Chair Covers


Childrens Chair cover make such a difference to those old drab school chairs in a hall! Hooray entertainment can provide childrens chair covers that will brighton up the look giving a luxury and expensive feel to those little tables and chairs.

Childrens chair covers are mainly hired for weddings where they have a childrens room but we are seeing an increase for kids parties where parents want that feel of making an extra special effort on the design of the room.

Along with the childrens chair covers we also do table design all bespoke and tailored to you party, we make and design props to make the table look amazing!

For a selection of colors for childrens chair covers please contact us we need to find out the size of the chairs so our childrens chair covers can fit snug and right.

I love to see the transformation of an event being dressed!

Chair covers really complete a dressed room, in the picture above it is showing the lycra chaircovers, some people are not fans of this type but they are slightly cheaper to hire and as this event had over 200 guests it was right for this ocassion. Why not experiment with colors and make your event stand out.

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