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Cloud 9 balloon decorations

Ballon Decorations Harrow

Hooray entertainment was part of making a 1st birthday party special in harrow, London with balloon decorations. The colours chosen for the Cloud 9 balloons were light and dark pink and the end result of the balloon decorations was beautiful.

When considering balloon decorations for an event think about the space you want to decorate and speak to a good balloon decorator to make sure that your ideas can work, there is no point having these grand ideas that will look amazing with a venue with high ceilings if the venue has low ceilings, also choose colours that will really bring out your theme, play around with colour you don’t necessarily have to keep it safe.

Balloon decorations are a great addition to a party you can use them on their own add flowers and props to really make the venue stand out and for people to say WOW!

For more information on Balloon decorations call Hooray Entertainment in London on 0207 183 8837! Good luck with your party.


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