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A Room Full of Balloons!

Balloon Decoration Ideas

This was a sweet 16 balloon decoration idea but suitable for people of any age who wants to do something a bit different, why not hide prizes amongst the balloons and every time the Dj stops playing you get 2 minutes to look for the prizes! This can be great fun!

Balloons are great to add colour and decorate and event but you can also create fun games with balloons, have you tried playing egg and spoon with the balloons on a table spoon or have you put balloons in a parachute and try to keep them all on one colour?

There are so many different games and things to do with balloons, you simply just have to think outside the box for ideas or why not just let Hooray Entertainment do it all for you!

For more balloon decoration ideas please call us on 0800 118 2400

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